What Is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is the process of storing all the lines that make up your website on a SERVER.

Think of it as your digital office.Similar to a physical office, it takes a digital space. . A web host rents out that digital space on servers for your website lines.

It helps you set up your Web site on the Internet.

Besides storehouse, web hosting services generally help you with website conservation — backups, security, and uptime.

Different hosting results live. The stylish one for you depends on your requirements and precedences.

Be aware of these web hosting features when choosing a plan.

Web Hosting Features

Disk Space




Website Speed

Pre-installed apps

sphere Names

Website Builder



1. Disk Space

Disk space or storehouse is one of the two essential services web hosts offer.

At its base, a website consists of numerous lines — lines that make up its illustrations and lines that decide what happens when you click a button.

To run a website, you need those lines on web waiters backed by physical data centers. The lines consume fragment space; so you need a hosting plan that provides the needed fragment space.

Besides the lines needed for the website’s operation, you also need space for stoner- submitted content. For illustration, if you ask druggies to submit images or vids, you need redundant fragment space to support that.

2. Bandwidth

Bandwidth is the other essential service that hosting results give. It measures a garçon’s capacity for data transfer within a specific time frame.

Bandwidth is a critical web hosting point if you want your website to load briskly as lading time is the time it takes to transfer website lines.

still, you need to get your web garçon or look for one that shares its coffers with a many other websites, If you want high bandwidths.

For illustration, devoted hosting — while precious — is a web hosting plan in which your website has its garçon, giving you further control and garçon coffers to work with.

Other plans similar as virtual private garçon( VPS) and participated hosting limit the bandwidth available but tend to be cheaper.

You’ll see announcements for unlimited bandwidth, but the verity is It’s insolvable to have fully unlimited bandwidth. There’s always a maximum speed limit because of physical limitations.

Bluehost offers plans with “ unmetered bandwidth ”, which means that you admit a set quantum of bandwidth but will be suitable to transfer as important data as you want with that transfer speed.

3. Security

According to Fundera, 43 of small businesses are victims of cyberattacks.

Your web host is an redundant line of defense against cyberattacks. With the right web host, you can cover your website from cyberattacks.

still, subscribe up for a web hosting plan that offers

If your website collects particular or fiscal data.

SSL instruments — SSL instruments cipher data transferred via your website, so only the philanthropist gets to use the data. Some web hosting plans offer free SSL instruments.

Automated malware reviews — Web hosting providers can help you remove malware and identify pitfalls. Some also offer website reviews to enhance security and advise website possessors of suspicious lines.

Firewall operation — A web operation firewall( WAF) creates a set of rules designed to cover your website from the most common attacks.

Be sure to check the hosting plan’s dereliction security features; numerous plans offer advanced security features as an add- on.

still, subscribe up for Bluehost’s Managed WordPress hosting plan that gives you fresh security features

If you’re working with sensitive data.

Secure shell( SSH) access

Multi-factor authentication

sphere sequestration

4. Uptime

One of the top web hosting features that small businesses and new website possessors fail to consider is uptime.

Uptime measures the chance of time your website is over and available to callers the near to 100 uptime, the better.

The stylish web hosting results give high uptimes by offering

Provisory waiters This ensures that should the garçon hosting your website goes down, there’s a backup that will have your website up in no time.

Provisory waiters in multiple locales if a natural disaster occurs, a indistinguishable garçon in the same data center won’t keep your website up. But suppose indistinguishable waiters are in multiple data centers on different sides of the country or a different mainland. In that case, your website has a much better chance of staying up and available.

Some web hosting companies also have a plutocrat- reverse guarantee foruptime.However, they pay you, If they fail to fulfill their pledge.

Bluehost has a guaranteed99.9 uptime.

5. Website Speed

moment’s internet druggies anticipate websites to load in five seconds or lower.

Besides affecting stoner experience, website speed also affects hunt machine optimization( SEO).

Good web hosting companies help their druggies deliver quick runner pets by

Using waiters with solid- state drives( SSD) SSDs access data briskly than traditional hard drives.

Limiting spots on a participated garçon Websites bear garçon coffers to run — the further websites hosted on a garçon, the further competition for coffers.

By limiting the number of spots on a participated garçon, the web hosting company ensures that there will be enough coffers for each website.

Offering a content delivery network( CDN) service Content delivery networks are a group of geographically distributed waiters that cache static content similar as webpages, JavaScript lines, CSS, images, and vids. They speed up the delivery of web content by bringing it near to a stoner’s position.

6. Pre-Installed Apps

Web hosts offer a number of web hosting functionalities in the form of applications.

Common apps include


The control panel( cPanel) is an app that lets you control garçon processes. While every hosting account includes a cPanel, the interface depends on the hosting provider — it can be delicate or easy to use.

Bluehost comes with a beautifully designed control panel that offers easy access to all the apps you need.

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