What is a Dedicated Server?

A Dedicated Server is a physical server where all the resources of one machine are devoted to a single stoner. Unlike a Shared Hosting garçon, where coffers are distributed among the different druggies, Dedicated Servers for hosting let you profit from every resource available similar as RAM, storehouse, calculating power, etc.

What are the benefits  Deticated hosting?

By offering you further power and rigidity than other hosting options, Namecheap’s devoted waiters are stylishly recommended for those who have a specialized background, i.e. those who are comfortable with managing and configuring waiters with root access.

generally, devoted server Hosting is used to profit the following high-business websites, website and business operations, happy streaming, podcasting, machine literacy, big data, storehouse, structure virtualization, and game waiters.

What are the differences between a pall VPS and a devoted server for Hosting?

When you buy a devoted Garçon for hosting, you admit one physical garçon with the loftiest position of access as well as complete freedom over its operation. Unlike a Cloud VPS, there’s no virtualization subcaste with Dedicated Hosting Servers so each of its physical coffers is available to you. A Dedicated Server also allows you full operation control over its configuration and installations.

What’s the difference between Shared Hosting and devoted garçon

Shared Hosting allows multiple druggie’s websites accounts to be hosted on a single web garçon. devoted hosting, in its turn, is a single garçon solely devoted to one stoner.

In a nutshell, the difference between a Shared and a devoted hosting garçon is like an apartment in a block of apartments and a cabin house. Both are good for living in.


A Shared server is a good choice for those website possessors who don’t have important specialized chops to manage and control everything but wish to make an online presence. With Shared hosting, you have limited executive access and can not customize software configuration. Still, you have access to a cPanel, with which you can manage lines, databases, dispatch accounts, error logs, and some server analytics. However, you can always be sure that the technicians will take care of it in the shortest time possible If the garçon goes down.

A devoted server is a good choice for those who have a specialized background and can manage/ configure the garçon on their own. Yet, the lack of specialized chops shouldn’t be a handicap, since we offer different types of devoted garçon operations stoner-Responsible, Basic, and Complete. You may find further information on each type then. Root access, handed with a devoted garçon, is a huge benefit if you need to make some garçon variations.


Website performance plays an important part in attracting new callers and business conversion. We have got a 100 uptime guarantee on our Shared and devoted hosting waiters. still, some force majeure circumstances that are generally caused by upstream realities and other service providers the hosting company depends on can beget unanticipated time-out. The exemplifications of these are ferocious DDoS attacks, power outages, or tackle issues. So, the uptime rate can not be calculated with conventional perfection and should be perceived taking into account all the factors.

The captain’s share of the website performance is captured in the website optimization. A veritably efficiently enciphered website that uses many coffers per caller would allow a large number of callers and won’t beget any time-out on the website, while an inadequately or inefficiently enciphered website may only sustain many contemporaneous callers and beget the Resource limit reached an error.

Generally, if we compare the performance of Shared and devoted waiters, the latterly will be briskly and more dependable as it offers further coffers like CPU, RAM, etc, and those coffers are used only by your websites. While with the Shared garçon, you can no way be sure who’s your neighbor and if their exertion has a negative influence on the garçon. As an illustration, you may admit a shaft in business due to some crusade. A devoted garçon may be suitable to handle the increased business while a participated account will most presumably go over the resource limits and might be indeed suspended to cover other druggies on the garçon.


With a Shared server, you’ll share coffers, similar to data, CPU time, memory, and fragment space. You can find further details in the Acceptable Use Policy and Terms Of Service. All our Shared waiters have CloudLinux zilches installed. It helps to limit the quantum of coffers each customer can use. CloudLinux keeps each customer in an insulated, secure terrain called a Lightweight Virtual terrain( LVE). You may find further information on LVE then.

still, a devoted server is a stylish choice, If you have a website that receives a massive volume of business.


We value the hard work our guests put into their systems and care for the security of our waiters. We have an effective firewall system along with a set of other garçon security operations and programs installed on our Shared waiters. Still, a lot of security issues may come from within your website law, control panel settings, vicious lines uploaded, etc. You may find some tips on how to keep your account secured then. A devoted garçon allows running nearly all types of scripts and software, and you may always install any security software to add a fresh subcaste of trustability to your garçon. As an illustration, you may have the IP blocked/ blacklisted on both Shared and a devoted garçon, while the whitelist of an IP address is possible only on a devoted bone.


Sure, everybody would like to have the fastest and most secure garçon with all the boons for the cheapest price. . With Shared hosting, server offers to participate among several druggies, so the cost of a similar account is less. A devoted server is devoted solely to one stoner, and that’s the main reason why it costs further. The introductory Namecheap Shared hosting account costs$49.88 per time, while the introductory devoted server cost would be$52.88 per month. Ask yourself these questions

What kind of control over the hosting account is needed?

What’s the diurnal and yearly business you anticipate on your website?

What are your security conditions?

What’s your yearly budget?

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