The Stylish web hosting services

1- Ionos

2-  Green Geeks

3- A2 Hosting

4- In Motion Hosting

5-  HostGator

 6- Namecheap 

7-AccuWeb Hosting 


THE web hosting types

1- lonos

lonos  Great security features  Pros   expansive security features, including backups  Unlimited business, so no need to gauge  up plans to handle  fresh business  uptime guarantee  Cons   Website builder costs  redundant  Plan prices increase,  occasionally by huge  perimeters, over time  Our take  IONOS has the  smallest starting price point of any other service on this list, but once the plan renews, the price increases drastically. IONOS also has  client support  figures for 14 countries, making it a good choice for  transnational  guests.

   Hosting plans  Ionos offers participated, VPS,  devoted and managed and unmanaged WordPress hosting. The company also differentiates between hosting plans meant for  lower and larger associations to help  guests more understand what plan is stylish for them.

2-Security features of lonos

Ionos offers security features that go beyond what other web hosting services offer. All plans include SSL  instruments, malware  reviews and DDoS protections. Some plans also help repair damage malware might beget on your website. Backups at least  formerly every 24- hours are also standard with each plan, and each backup is held for 20 days. A full set of a  client’s data is also stored in two separate data centers as a security measure, that way  guests will always have access to their data, indeed if one data center is brought down by a cyberattack.   Uptime  Ionos has a99.99 uptime guarantee, which is a advanced guarantee than  utmost other web hosting services. Battery- operated power  inventories and backup  creators help maintain power to Ionos data centers so your  point and services stay online indeed if its data center loses power.   client support  Support is available any time, either by phone or  converse. A directory also provides  client support  figures for  guests in 14 different countries. Ionos also offers a  particular adviser  who’ll be your main point of contact if you need help with your  point. A  particular adviser  and phone  figures for different support centers around the world gives Lonos  guests more ways to get help compared to some other hosting providers.   Other features  Lonos offers a status  runner to  warn  guests when services go down or are being repaired. The  runner also logs the times when services go down and are brought back over, and it lets  guests know of any  listed  conservation.   Pricing  Lonos’ prices start lower than  utmost other web hosting services for  analogous services. still, prices rise– participated and WordPress hosting rise by over,000– after a certain  quantum of time. That means Lonos is a good entry point for web hosting, but it may not be the stylish long- term home for your website if cost is your primary concern.   Shared hosting  thresholds at$0.50 a month.  VPS hosting  thresholds at$ 2 a month.  devoted garçon hosting  thresholds at$ 45 a month.  WordPress hosting  thresholds at$0.50 a month.  See at IONOS  

2-Green Geeks

Climate-conscious web hosting  Pros   Offers a wide variety of plans for all needs  Features website builder to help  produce your  point  Produces three times the  quantum of wind energy it uses  Cons   Phone support is not active24/7  Prices of some plans are below average  Our take  Green Geeks’  pledge to  neutralize its energy needs makes this service a clear choice for climate-conscious  guests. Some plans also offer unlimited  storehouse and bandwidth. still, prices are a little high compared to other plans.  

Hosting plans  Green Geeks offers

Plans offer a lot of features at no  redundant cost. The biggest  strike is that the cheapest plans bear a three- time contract.   Hosting plans  A2 Hosting offers participated, VPS,  devoted, WordPress, reseller and  pall hosting, including tiered options within each plan. Shared hosting, for  illustration, offers plans labeled Startup, Drive, Turbo Boost and Turbo Max. These  fresh plans give  guests more options to choose from to more fit their  requirements, and allow  guests to gauge  their operation as  demanded.   Security features  Each plan comes with security features like an SSL  instrument, binary firewalls, contagion scanner and brute force defense. Each plan comes with a Patch man enhanced security tool, which regularly costs about$ 25 a month, as well as DDoS protections that can  descry DDoS attacks as soon as they be to help keep your  point safe. A2 Hosting also boasts about the physical security of its  waiters– in order to  pierce them, someone needs to have two separate  crucial cards to enter the parking lot and the garçon center.   Uptime  A2 Hosting has a99.9 uptime commitment. An uptime of99.9 means your  point should not be down for  further than nine hours a time, which is the assiduity standard.   client support  The real distinction for A2 Hosting is its commitment to  client support. A2’s” Guru Crew” is available by  converse, dispatch or phone24/7. And if you want to figure  commodity out without talking to anyone, A2 Hosting has a large Knowledge Base filled with information to help you develop and grow your  point.   Other features  still, A2 Hosting offers free  point migration, If you’re looking to switch web hosting service providers. The average cost of a  point migration in 2021 was between$ 300 to$ 400, making this a generous offer.   Pricing  A2 Hosting pricing is about average at first  regard, but the  smallest prices also come with a three- time contract, so to get the  smallest price you’re locked into this service for a long time. , as well. The Turbo Boost and Turbo Max participated hosting, for  illustration, are$ 7 and$ 13 per month, independently. The plans appear to have two differences Boost has 2 GB of physical memory compared to the Max’s 4 GB. In addition, Max offers” 5X More coffers” by using nonvolatile memory express drives, which are  briskly than solid- state drives. Nonvolatile memory express drives do not  feel  important faster than SSDs on paper, but if you are trying to  vend  commodity in real time online every alternate– or millisecond– counts.   Shared hosting  thresholds at$ 3 a month.  Unmanaged VPS hosting  thresholds at$ 5 a month.  Managed VPS hosting  thresholds at$ 40 a month.  Unmanaged  devoted garçon hosting  thresholds at$ 106 a month.  Managed  devoted garçon hosting  thresholds at$ 156 a month.  WordPress hosting  thresholds at$ 12 a month.  Reseller hosting  thresholds at$ 19 a month.

3- See at A2 Hosting   Sarah Tew/ CNET  In Motion Hosting

Good for first- time website  possessors  Pros   90- day  plutocrat back guarantee  numerous  client service options  Free website builder  Cons   US  waiters only  Month- to- month payment plans not available for all plans  Our take  In Motion Hosting has one of the longest  plutocrat-  reverse guarantee time frames, so indeed if you are not completely satisfied with its service you can still get some cash back after a month or two. still, In Motion Hosting only has US- grounded  waiters, so it’s not the stylish choice for anyone with an  transnational  followership.   Hosting plans  In Motion Hosting offers participated, VPS,  devoted, WordPress and reseller hosting with different tiered options for each type of hosting. In Motion Hosting also offers hourly managed hosting services. These services can be bought for one, two or three hours for$ 40 to$ 100 per month, or outside of a plan at$ 75 per hour.   Security features Each plan comes with free SSL  instruments, DDoS protections and hack and malware protections. Automatic  diurnal backups are also available for some plans.   Uptime  In Motion Hosting offers99.99 uptime, placing In Motion Hosting above the standard in terms of uptime. guests should anticipate  lower than an hour of  time-out per time, compared to nine hours for companies that only offer99.9 uptime.   client support  In Motion Hosting’s  client support offers  further ways for  guests to  communicate  them than  numerous other services. guests can  communicate  a  client support representative by phone,  converse, or dispatch24/7, they can file support tickets or Skype with a representative. In Motion Hosting also offers  guests access to a database of educational posts, as well as a community forum  guests can look through for the answer to a question if you can not find it anywhere differently.   Other features  utmost web hosting services offer a 30- day  plutocrat back guarantee, but all In Motion Hosting plans come with a 90- day  plutocrat back guarantee. That makes In Motion a great option for anyone who is trying out a website for the first time but is not sure if they are ready for a longer commitment.   Pricing  As with other web hosting services, the listed price is only applicable before the renewal cost. These can be confusing when comparing prices since some plans appear to bring the same despite one offering  further  gratuities. For  illustration, the participated hosting Launch plan costs$ 5 a month with a three- time contract and the participated hosting Power plan costs the same for the same contract length but has  further features– seems like a no- brainer to go with the Power plan, right? still, after the contract ends, the Launch plan renews at$ 12 a month and the Power plan renews at$ 16 a month, leaving subscribers paying  further for the Power plan.   Shared hosting  thresholds at$2.29 a month.  VPS hosting  thresholds at$ 18 a month.  devoted hosting under the” Bare Metal” tab starts at$ 100 a month.  WordPress hosting  thresholds at$3.49 a month.  Reseller hosting  thresholds at$15.39 a month.  Managed hosting services start at$ 40 a month.









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